Wednesday, April 26, 2006

"Please take a moment to locate this planet's emergency exits . . .

. . . As you can see, there aren't any."

From a wonderfully entertaining video clip by the Blue Man Group featured on "Earth to America!" and one of many videos on

More and more entertainers, politicians, reporters and concerned people are paying attention to our global weather crisis. Traffic on Google’s and Craigslist’s groups and forums about this issue, these are the ones that have the most activity and the least misdirection.

This momentum is not just in America; it’s happening everywhere. As I browse my various news sources, the number of citations and column inches is growing daily.

Let’s hope that momentum continues but let’s not naively believe that that’s all it takes. Things happen person by person. You can help by voicing your opinions, donating your money (which could be seen as an investment), and talking it over with your friends, encouraging them to do the same.

More on this subject shortly . . .