Friday, April 14, 2006

Great Moments in Presidential Speeches

For the last couple of weeks David Letterman has had a nightly comedy routine entitled "Great Moments in Presidential Speeches." There's a quick, nicely put, and often touching blurb from JFK or Reagan or Roosevelt. And then there's President Bush sputtering on about literally nothing -- in one instance it was onions!! -- looking like a total boob.

It's embarrassing! I'm embarrassed. But more honestly, I'm ashamed of Bush and all that he stands for and has brought upon us.

I'm ashamed enough to start writing this blog with the hope that some or many of you will no longer tune out what is happening around (and often to) us but instead tune in and become activists for real change. Not the rhetoric for change that occurs during campaigns, but REAL change from dedicated, caring individuals with a backbone.

Recently I've traveled outside the US. In every conversation people have pointedly asked how we could have elected such a person to represent us. They say how much harm he's done not only to America but to the rest of the world as well and how it will take years, if ever, to repair all the damage done and being done. Of course I agree. These conversations happen everywhere: on trains, in restaurants, with hotel workers, in coffee shops and airport lounges. I don't instigate them. In fact, I'm slightly fearful that they'll turn nasty. But they don't. People are polite and interested and somewhat scolding (but only slightly so).

The people I met really wanted to know what we were going to do about him and what he has done. How could I answer that? How can I say that in the next election things will be different and change will happen? What with the two-facedness of McCain and Hillary, I’m not confident of that. Are you?

Hence, this blog to inspire dissent, challenge naive beliefs, encourage action (including voting), and give you something to ponder and discuss with your friends and me.