Friday, April 21, 2006

Pat Robertson and Grassroots Activism

From an interview by Rita Braver on CBS News Sunday Morning, April 9, 2006.

PR: My race for the Presidency-- I didn't do all that bad for an amateur, you know. I beat the sitting Vice President in a number of states. But nevertheless-- when it was all over with, I had mobilized 300,000 plus people in about 35 states.

And that became the core of the Christian Coalition, which in turn became a very highly visible part of the Republican Party, and perhaps has been a major influence in winning the Congress for the Republicans and maybe putting a born again Christian in the White House. So I was sort of a forerunner of a group that was given a voice.

RB: You helped form the Christian Coalition. Then you sort of--

PR: That's right.

RB: --stepped away from it.

PR: Right.

RB: But why?

PR: Well I'd had enough. We had accomplished our goals. We had a 10 year set of goals. And we got every one of them. The only one we didn't get is the Supreme Court, and we're only one judge short of that. (LAUGHTER) So I think the Congress is conservative, a majority of governorships is conservative, a born again Christian is in the White House, and-- so-- I-- I had done what I set out to do.

I'll say it again: Regardless how often Carl Rove stokes the flames of terror, we need to look past our fears and keep close watch on the neighborhood. Municipal, county and state elections happen throughout this year and next. Become informed and vote. Don't let your kids grow up under Conservative tutorage.