Saturday, June 10, 2006

Read Them and Weep

Election results from the recent Primary election in California.

Adults 18 and over eligible to vote: 22,542,844

Eligible voters that have registered to vote: 15,668,439 -- 69.51%; down from 74.80% in '94

Registered voters that actually voted: 4,719,473 -- 30.12% down from 43.20 in '94

Voters that actually voted as a percent of elegible voters: 20.93 -- down from 33.43 in '94

Remember, 50% + 1 is a majority in most elections. In the recent California Primary Election of 2006, the one where these figures apply, less than 10.5% of those elegible to vote can AND DID win the election.

In a recent blog Taking a Look Behind the Numbers," I reported on a Poll Smoking segment on The Daily Show with John Stewart, where fake analyst Dave Gorman humorously showed how 34% is more than enough to win an election - and this is a frighteningly true point as the California figures above prove. Gorman's use of statistics to make his points is definitely humorous - but extremely serious. It's a must see routine so be sure to click through and watch the segment.

The segment is humorous but the numbers aren't. To me, they are downright scary.