Monday, May 01, 2006

Colbert Performs at White House Correspondents' Dinner

By now, you've heard about or watched Stephen Colbert's performance at Saturday night's White House Correspondent's Association dinner. Although obscured by a very active press weekend, and covered over by much of the media, in my opinion, it's a very important episode. The Gridiron motto goes: "Singe but never burn." Colbert burned President Bush AND the media.

I've searched for reviews of the event and found very little about Colbert's routine. ABC and the NY Times didn't even mention it; CBS compared it to Don Imus' 1996 flap and questioned whether Colbert had overstepped the Gridiron motto. The Washington Post had a brief mention but nothing substantive. I couldn't find a transcript of Colbert's routine, but there's a transcript of Bush's skit with his look-alike.

Colbert skewered the media's inattention to the important issues of the last few years and also where everyone worries so much about offending someone that the least bit of blunt dialogue turns them into dull, robot-like followers instead of the guileless investigative reporters they imagine themselves to be.